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July 10, 2018

How to Best Hire and Retain Web Developers

It is no secret that the hiring market is tough right now for employers; moreover, it is a great time to be a web developer, either actively looking or gainfully employed. The pool of web developer talent is ever-shrinking meaning that talent may be sought from seemingly happily employed individuals. These below tips along with those specifically tailored to you by our IT staffing division will assist you in hiring and retaining web developers.

Know What the Market Is Paying

This is important when advertising any role but particularly for in-demand jobs such as those of tech. The national starting salary for a web developer is close to $100,000. Hiring managers need to be prepared to pay a premium for top talent. You need to be ready and willing to meet or even exceed the going rate to be competitive with other employers. If that’s not something you can do, make sure to make up for it in perks and benefits or will you have to forfeit hiring top talent. Moreover, assess the market and be preemptive of the movement of your staff. Offering a raise too late puts you at risk of losing your staff.

Prioritize Skills

The purple squirrel does not exist so the idea that you will find a web developer who can do it all and for the right price, must be expelled from your mind. Pinpoint what skills you need of your new hire and what voids they will fill on your current team in order to expedite and make easier the hiring process. Have a clear vision and communicate that in the job’s description to avoid discouraging talented web developers from applying due to fear of not meeting standards.

Emphasize Company Culture

It has been found that millennials are willing to take pay cuts in new jobs if the company culture and values better align with them. Given that millennials have a growing presence in the workforce and certainly in the technology sector, it works in employers’ favor to leverage this knowledge and really embrace and promote their company culture. Employer branding is crucial. If you have a brand that appeals to millennials, you will be able to entice them more effectively to your firm, even if the commensuration you offer isn’t top dollar. Make it known that they will be valued and do this early on in the hiring process as web developers do not stay on the market for long, especially while they are entertaining many offers. Constantly highlighting company culture and validating your staff will help to retain them in a market that is very much in favor of job seekers.

Get Assistance

Seeking the assistance of a staffing agency is the first step towards a streamlined hiring process but internally, it is important to seek expert assistance from a web developer in order to support and provide advice on job specs and the vetting of candidates. As a hiring manager, you will have the last say in who comes onboard. So get skilled support to ensure that you are making the right decision in your hire. If you need to buy time before hiring a permanent web developer, look into getting a temp to do the necessary work while you seek a permanent solution; after some time you may come to realize that that temp is worth converting to permanent.

Move Quickly

Because of the high demand for web developers and other technology professionals, move fast in your decision-making process without compromising the quality of decisions made. Doing the necessary preparation beforehand and being responsive and engaged will help to ensure that you get your first choice in candidates before they are picked up by your competition. Where possible, be willing to do Skype calls or phone screens. Give your recruiter all the necessary information and trust that they are working to provide you with the perfect fit for your firm and the role.

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