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January 19, 2018

How Diversity in the Workplace Creates Positive Change

The push for diversity in many industries remains in the foreground of social activism today. Apart from the obvious moral duty employers have to encourage diversity as well as the anti-discrimination legislation that regulates workforces, there are significant benefits to a diverse workplace for employers and employees.

Better Employer Branding

Building your employer brand as one that is inclusive and diverse will positively affect your company’s reputation. A 2014 survey by Glassdoor revealed that 67% of job-seekers find diversity in the workplace to be important. Businesses thrive when they demonstrate a commitment to diversity through outreach and all-embracing recruiting efforts. Nothing but good can come from a business being recognized for being ethical with fair employment practices, whilst taking pride in a diverse cohort. Because diversity is so coveted by job-seekers, diverse workplaces will attract a wider pool of qualified candidates with values that align more closely with your employer brand.

Increased Employee Retention

Diverse workplaces hold higher employee retention rates alongside higher employee satisfaction. It is hard to say if this is directly caused by the display of diversity or if it is because workplaces with diversity initiatives also tend to have in place other measures to stimulate employee engagement. These will often result in a happier office environment. Companies find great success in creating internal programs with resources and networking opportunities that advocate diversity and inclusivity. Without embracing diversity in the workplace, employees put up barriers and will unknowingly and inadvertently harvest hostility, driving the marginalized and those uncomfortable in such an environment, to leave.

More Learning and Creativity

Workplaces with multigenerational representation offer more collaborative environments that are conducive to increased learning and creativity. Peers are able to learn and feed off of each other’s ideas, this positively affects productivity and creates a unity in collaboration. Exposure to different cultures and backgrounds fosters learning in a truly organic way where peers volunteer their wisdom. Gabriela Fusco, Recruiting Assistant, “The diversity of our office is certainly something I enjoy about Abacus Group. There are so many different backgrounds and generations that hold differing opinions and ideas. I am constantly learning from my peers as well as sharing my own voice.”

Greater Exposure to More of the Market

When your staff embraces differences in experiences and backgrounds, they are naturally able to have a greater market reach as they become more relevant to a larger group of consumers. A diverse cohort will by nature represent a multitude of consumers and clients, making them more appealing. Even if you are a small solitary office, the opportunities for expansion are increased with a diverse workplace. Thereby suggesting that a diverse workplace can aid employers in obtaining an increase in your company’s market share.

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