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May 04, 2018

How Contagious Employee Turnover Can Be Good For Your Company

Over half of full time employed Americans spend more time with their colleagues than with their families. It is therefore unsurprising the importance of employee relations and the prevalence of contagion in employee turnover. It’s not uncommon to have a surge in resignations triggered by one employee. Contagious employee turnover is not a phenomenon but it can be viewed as beneficial.

You are forced to reevaluate the Value of Your Team

If you suspect that a mass exodus is imminent, you will be more inclined to take stock of your staff and determine their individual value to your operation. Doing so will determine your next moves and prepare you for conversations that may very much include resignations. In essence, if a member of your team wishes to leave, what measures, if any, might you instigate?

You Look at the Books

In reevaluating the productivity of your staff, you causally look at salary offerings and determine caps that may be put in place should hiring and replacing begin again. Not only that, you will also look at reallocating your budget to the remaining members in an effort to reward their commitment and dedication to your firm.

You Revisit Your Employer Brand

A shakeup in the office that is triggered by contagious employee turnover, or at the very least its likely resultant change in morale, will oblige you to reassess your employer brand; the changes you wish to make and what you hope will withstand the approaching period of adjustment. Doing so will also assist you going forward into the hiring process, ensuring that new hires align well with the brand you have established or hope to inaugurate.

You are prompted to Have Conversations

The uptick in employee turnover is a call for you to speak to everyone on your team. In general, you will start to see the lines of communication between management and staff open up. And conversations about the future of the company and the needs of your staff will be realized. If it wasn’t already clear, you will come to notice the worth of your staff and see divides between who is invaluable and who may not necessarily be missed too much.

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