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April 10, 2018

Four Ways Employers can Reduce Stress in their Employees

The majority of the workforce spends in excess of a third of their day at work. Unsurprisingly, work is a major source of stress. Stress can negatively affect the well-being of employees and consequently their production. A large amount of stress for a sustained amount of time can cause burnout and high employee turnover. It is up to management to keep stress levels low and therefore employee productivity, high.

Take it outside

Exercise is essential to maintaining mental agility. It has been proven that exercise can reduce fatigue, increase concentration, alertness, and cognition. As an employer, you need to encourage physical activity, be it through a company sports team, a fun run or more simply, a walking meeting. A walking one-on-one meeting can easily be coordinated and encourages employees to not only be physically active but also to open up in a way they otherwise wouldn’t if they remained inside the office.

Get on Your Feet

Unfortunately, not every meeting can be held outside in the sun but that doesn’t mean that all work needs to be done whilst glued to a desk. Consider investing in standing desks or cordless headsets that allow for some movement inside the office. Stretching and moving can reduce the strain placed on one’s neck, shoulders, and back which can cause pain and perpetuate stress in an employee.

Leave All Worries Behind

Last year it was found that only 50% of working Americans took all of their allotted paid time off. Find ways as an employer to encourage your team to use their vacation time and to do so in an effective manner. Doing so can ensure that workloads are evenly spread and you have a good amount of staff working in the office at all times. Encourage your employees to stay offline and unplugged whilst away to ensure that they are refreshed and motivated upon their return to the office.

Show Some Love

If an employee should feel like their job is at risk, they will work harder but feel more stressed. Positive reinforcement is an invaluable managerial technique. It is important that you communicate to your employees that they are a crucial part of your operation and are compensated accordingly. Motivate them and let them know that they are valued.

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