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April 13, 2016

Five Reasons Why Hiring through a Recruiter is a Worthwhile Investment

Hiring with the help of an executive recruitment firm may appear expensive at first glance. Typical fees for executive search are 20 to 30 percent of the first year’s annual salary for permanent roles, while markups for temporary staffing range from 65 to 80 percent. In reality, the expenses associated with filling roles internally can be just as—if not more—costly. Nonetheless, many employers are hesitant to enlist recruiters to close gaps in their workforce because of the associated fees.

Chris Cook, Director of Accounting & Finance Recruitment in Abacus Group’s Los Angeles office, understands this common concern. But a partnership with a reliable and reputable executive recruitment firm will end up saving a significant time and money in the long run, Chris explains.

Below, Chris asserts the five strongest reasons why recruiting agencies are cost-effective solutions to staffing and recruitment.

Established Network

As recruiters, we have a network of thousands of highly qualified candidates who have already been vetted through phone interviews and in-person meetings. We’ve already eliminated the unqualified candidates that would otherwise slow down your process.

Three-Dimensional View

Aside from a resume, we can provide a three-dimensional overview of the candidate behind the piece of paper. We explore “unwritten” information, like candidates’ personality traits, workplace preferences, and managerial styles. This is a tremendous time saver for employers who are quick to eliminate candidates simply because their resume lacks one or two minor requirements.

Referrals Aplenty

Through our network, we have access to our candidates’ colleagues, friends, family members, and other connections. These are often passive job seekers who aren’t active on job boards or LinkedIn and are typically unreceptive to cold calls. However, when their friend, family member, or other close contact refers us to them, they’re very willing to engage. The most passive candidates are often some of the most talented, and they’d otherwise remain out of your reach without the existing relationships that we have built.


Keeping your search confidential helps you retain your power as an employer in what has become a candidate-driven market. When only the recruiter knows about your vacancy, you’re less vulnerable to your competitor’s intelligence. Additionally, concealing the opening from your existing staff boosts the probability you will choose an external hire—rather than an internal candidate—which promotes diversity, innovation, and fresh perspectives.

Expectations Management

Without a recruiter’s niche market expertise, you’re more prone to establishing impossible standards for candidate selection. A recruiter fully understands the typical candidate profile for a particular position and will advise you to alter your criteria, if necessary. When this expertise is unavailable to you, your position is likely to remain open significantly longer, thereby harming productivity and your bottom line.

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