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November 20, 2018

Equipping the Workforce of the Future, According to Chief Learning Officer

Chief Learning Officer published a piece yesterday reiterating the concerns for the future of the workforce and how to bridge the youth skills gap. Now that we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, concerns are mounting about the future of the workforce and the capabilities of today’s youth.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the type of work people do, and how it is done. While 4IR offers new opportunities, many of today’s 1.8 billion youth worldwide youth stand to be left behind,” according to a joint report from Deloitte and the Global Business Coalition for Education.

“Action Hub” launched to catalyze new partnerships between business, foundations, and youth organizations to prepare the next generation of young people, in an effort to adapt the youth for the future.

“Business has to play a leading role by not only defining and communicating what skills are needed in the future but also by working side by side with educators, governments and nonprofits to ensure our future employees are receiving the education necessary to compete and succeed,” said Deloitte Global Chairman David Cruickshank.

GBC-Education will galvanize pledges, commitments, and action from the private sector to implement the recommendations put forth in its 2018 report and serve as a hub for action, partnerships, knowledge-sharing, measurable outcomes, and metrics of impact.”

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