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October 24, 2017

Deloitte’s Auvenir to be Rolled Out

Deloitte is expected to announce its plans for rolling out its Auvenir system, Auvenir Audit Smarter platform, to the North American market, this week. The in-house startup by Deloitte provides auditing technology targeting small and medium-sized firms. The technology utilizes artificial intelligence to assist auditors with their responsibilities.

Although Auvenir does not use Deloitte’s proprietary auditing technology, it was developed with input from Deloitte’s audit team with the goal in mind of helping everyone audit smarter. Auvenir’s CEO Pete Myers was hired by Deloitte’s Chris Thatcher, exemplifying Auvenir’s potential to leverage Deloitte’s longstanding reputation and the autonomy and technology-forward mentality of a startup.

The system aims to provide a better financial audit experience to firms’ clients. Beta testing of the technology has been underway across the Canadian market given the system is Canadian based. Auvenir interviewed small to midsized audit firms across North America to identify the demand for more efficient audit technology and the issues these firms were encountering with their current programs.

Auvenir has emphasized that it is using separate technology to that of Deloitte that was hacked last month, thereby emphasizing security. Deloitte is also looking to adopt the Auvenir system to improve its own audit technology.

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