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February 06, 2018

Coding: The Most Sought-After Skill

Gaining experience and learning a new skill should always be encouraged. In today’s highly digitized market, having coding experience is incredibly sought after. It opens the gateway to personal and professional growth as well as meeting demand in an environment where supply is drastically low. The misconception is that coding is purely for people who wish to become engineers, but in reality, it is a skill that is beneficial to everyone and can be taught across generations and not just to millennials. Children in schools are also beginning to learn to code as an initiative that will mold the minds of future leaders who are not far off from joining the workforce.

Enhance Your Ability to Problem-Solve

Coding is built on problem-solving. By working with code, you are exercising the logic part of your brain whilst employing the assistance of your creative side. You will learn to rationalize your thought processes and understand your decision-making with more clarity. You will find that you are able to organize your thoughts and intentions with greater ease that can, in turn, decrease your stress levels when it comes to overcoming the minutia that before may have consumed you.

Open You Up to Greater Opportunities

Although there are a lot of resources to assist in your coding journey and indeed when you apply that skill in the real world, you will become more self-sufficient rather than employing the assistance of third-party teams and developers. Work that otherwise would have been outsourced can now be done by you in-house. You will be more marketable and therefore have leverage in the workforce. You will find that you have the necessary skills to freelance outside of your work. Learning to code doesn’t restrict you to a career in the tech industry but rather makes you more of an asset in any role.

Increase Your Attention to Detail

Coding is very precise in its case sensitivity and observance of consistency. A single period can throw off an entire code and vary its function or cause it not to be functional at all. Learning to program will undoubtedly make you more detail-oriented without second-thought. You will become more diligent at checking your work and doing this perfectly the first time around.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Programming is a collaborative concept and by doing so, you increase your ability to communicate your thought processes and verbalize your issues. Samantha Garcia, Marketing and Communications Manager, “Learning to code and asking for help with the processes are certainly having an impact on my communication skills. Often it is hard to articulate what is going on inside your head and your rationale behind certain decisions. Learning to program forces you to do this, no matter how difficult it is to apply verbiage to your ideas or how uncomfortable it can be to ask for help.”

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