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March 07, 2017

Co-Founder Brian Bereck Recognized as Special Honoree at Charity Event


The Michael W. McCarthy Foundation’s “3 of a KINDness” Casino Night on Thursday, March 2 honored Abacus Group Co-Founding Partner Brian Bereck.

Held at The Carltun, Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY, the Michael W. McCarthy Foundation fundraiser benefited, Nephcure Kidney International, and the Unsung Siblings Foundation.

Many Abacus Group employees, as well as Brian’s family and friends, came to show support, enjoy a delicious dinner and open bar, and try their luck at charity-style gambling.

In his thank you speech, Brian expressed sincere admiration for, Nephure Kidney International, and Unsung Siblings Foundation—and the leaders who make their missions possible. More than their talent and hard work, the passion they have to run such admirable, life-changing organizations strongly impressed Brian.

While many inspirational quotes prioritize hard work, Brian instead highlighted passion as the most important personal quality. As a successful entrepreneur, Brian believes in working hard to achieve greatness. But he explained that a different trait is first necessary for greatness to be realized. And this trait is passion.

When someone possesses passion, they will be driven by the fire to work hard. Then, and only then, will that hard work be reinforced to promote self-improvement. If you are not truly passionate about the task, the job, sport, or other activity, then you will never truly work hard enough to succeed or become great.

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