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April 21, 2017

Check Out a New Tool to Privately Express Interest in Temp Work

LinkedIn gives users the option to privately signal to employers and recruiters their interest in new jobs. The marker that one is open to new roles is, of course, invisible to the user’s colleagues. The feature is changing the way in which employed professionals conduct undercover job searches—certainly for the better.

Recently, the career networking platform expanded the function for professionals to specify if they are looking for full-time, part-time, contract, remote, or freelance work. This modification has already facilitated better-aligned connections between job seekers and recruiters.

Rob Delleo, Associate in Abacus Group’s Temporary Administrative Support Division, encourages individuals to use the tool if they are currently unemployed or working a temporary assignment. Even if a user’s profile indicates their current position is temporary, they’re more likely to be discovered by a recruiter with the “contract” jobs box checked. Advanced LinkedIn filtering tools allow recruiters to very easily identify professionals with this preference, while traditional title searches may yield less accurate results.

Rob explains why he finds the tool useful for matching job seekers with his clients’ positions. “If a professional is unemployed following a layoff two months ago—and this is reflected in end date of his or her most recent position—it’s possible that he or she is only considering permanent positions. Today’s candidate-driven market allows this. As a recruiter, I can only guess someone’s preferences. But if I know that the candidate is willing to entertain both permanent and temporary positions and I’m working on a role that closely matches his or her background, I’ll quickly get in touch.”

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