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September 24, 2019

Best Practices for Giving Your Two Weeks Notice

Getting a job offer is very exciting but it comes with the unpleasant task of telling your current employer you’ll be leaving. Regardless of if it is your first or fifth time resigning, it is always a daunting conversation. However, if you follow the advice below, you can successfully transition without burning bridges.

Don’t Tell Co-Workers Before Your Boss Knows

Even if you’re just excited to tell a work friend about the job offer or want to ask a mentor for advice on how to approach the conversation, it is best to keep quiet about your news until you have discussed it with your supervisor. If they hear you’re leaving from anyone other than you, it will sour the whole situation.

Have the Conversation In-Person

Depending on your office’s work from home policy or your supervisor’s schedule, they might not be available to talk the day you planned to have the conversation. Resist the urge to call them or say it in an email. Instead, ask if they have time to chat within the next few days and take the first opening in their schedule.

Prepare Your Explanations in Advance

There are some questions your boss will undoubtedly ask, including “Why are you leaving? and “What will you be doing next?” Before sitting down with them, brainstorm answers to these types of questions that will satisfy your boss without bashing your current company or sounding too excited about your new one.

Keep a “No Scorched Earth” Approach

In the two weeks following your resignation, the opportunity to bad mouth your company, co-workers, and boss might arise, but stay positive about your experiences and relationships. Additionally, feel free to reach out to those individuals whom you have a connection with and share contact information to stay connected in the future.

Ensure a Smooth Transition

Before your last day comes to an end, make sure you wrap up any unfinished projects and update all documents and/or manuals that will be given to your replacement. You should also clear your computer of any personal accounts or files and clean your desk, ensuring you leave everything that was there on your first day.

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