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September 20, 2016

An Alternative for Public Accountants Who Are Too Adventurous for Busy Season

Whether or not you can believe it, we’re quickly approaching the 2017 Busy Season for Public Auditors. If you’re not happy about that and you were intrigued enough to open this post, great—we already like you who are! Read on for more about an alternative to another Busy Season.

Since we’ve kept your attention, we’ll make a few assumptions about you and your personality.

  • You’re hardworking, outgoing, and self-motivated.
  • You’re tired of working long hours just for a pat on the back.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to be compensated according to your time, effort, and results.

Luckily, you have stumbled upon an entirely new adventure: A career in executive recruitment.

Become an Executive Recruiter for Accounting professionals at Abacus Group. Work in one of NYC’s most renowned Executive Search practices with a team comprised entirely of former Public Accountants.

RSVP with your resume and a brief explanation of your interest to set up an in-person meeting with one of our Executive Recruiters.


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