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January 09, 2018

Accounting and Finance Resume Tips [Infographic]

Identify Goals

Not all accounting and finance jobs are created equal. Do your research beforehand to see what qualifications are required for that role so you know what to include and emphasize.

Experience is Key

Experience should be listed with dates of employment and quantifiable results from the job. This communicates to the Hiring Manager the impact you made in your last role and more obviously, what you did for the company.

Hard and Soft Skills

Soft skills should not be overlooked, nor are they overlooked when seen on a resume. Rather than simply listing them, use them to bolster hard skills and work them in as an explanation of how you achieved success in previous positions.

Check Syntax

The language used on the resume is crucial as is the spelling and grammar. It often helps to get a second opinion. It should read very professionally however still make you seem personable and engaging.

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