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November 30, 2012

Abacus Group Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Having launched the practice in a tiny, one-room office, founding partners Brian Bereck and Len Frankel recall Abacus Group’s humble start back in 1997. “We started with a few computers with nothing in them, and we knew it was time to get to work,” remembers Brian, referring to the long process that lay before them. Their task, of course, was to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with employers and job seekers as a trusted recruitment partner. Fifteen years later, the partners’ perseverance in “getting to work” has proven successful for Abacus, which now stands as a top-tier recruitment firm in the New York City area. Beginning as a recruitment organization for permanent Accounting & Finance roles, Abacus Group has grown to provide additional services.  In 2004, the firm started a Temporary Staffing division as a natural complement to its thriving Permanent business. The firm has also since added several new divisions, namely Financial Services, Information Technology and Administrative Support.

The mission behind Brian and Len’s creation of Abacus Group was straightforward: to serve as partners to clients and candidates by exhibiting true professionalism. At the time that Abacus Group was founded, “headhunters and recruiters did not always have the best reputation,” explains Len. He and Brian took pride in overcoming negative perceptions of the industry by conducting job searches with a more personal approach. Abacus Group’s executive recruiters meet face-to-face with all candidates prior to interviews with prospective employers. From the job seeker’s perspective, this method changes the recruiter from a faceless voice heard on a telephone to a real person. To the employer, Abacus Group’s practice of meeting candidates ensures that only the highest quality professionals will be recommended for consideration. The positive outcome of the process is what Len calls a “win-win-win situation.” The employer acquires a valuable professional for his or her staff; the candidate transitions into a more suitable role for his or her career goals; the recruiter gains the satisfaction of coordinating a compatible employment match. 

In addition to their pride in the firm’s transparent recruitment strategy, the founding partners consider Abacus Group’s internal environment an equally notable accomplishment.  With very low employee turnover, several of the firm’s recruiters have been with Abacus since almost its inception. Employees at Abacus are content working for a very family-friendly organization, which also emphasizes camaraderie through participation in activities such as a local softball league, the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge as well as other corporate events. Lastly, as a company in which the majority of employees earn compensation through commission, Abacus’ environment is entrepreneurial. The partners have seen their employees advance financially and professionally. Reflecting on the recruiters’ individual successes, Brian remarks, “We have a lot of people doing extremely well here, and it’s nice to know we provided the opportunity, environment, structure and resources to help them achieve this success.”

Only time will tell what Abacus Group will achieve in its next 15 years. After some fairly new services additions to the firm, Abacus will foster the continued growth of its Financial Services, Information Technology and Administrative Support practices, while, of course, focusing on its core segment, Accounting & Finance. As economic forecasts are much brighter than they have been in recent years, Abacus Group is hopeful that the continued addition of new employment opportunities will provide for successful recruitment in the future.

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