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June 18, 2019

A Recent Grad’s Guide to the First Few Weeks in the Office

Congratulations, you have landed your first job out of college! In the mix of all the excitement and nerves, try to focus your energy on preparation. By no means do you need to walk in on your first day will the knowledge and know-how of a tenured professional, but you also don’t want to start without thinking things out and making a game plan. Following the tips and advice below will ensure your first few weeks set you up for years of success in this position.

Be a Little Early

Making a strong impression at your first job starts right when you get there. Get to your office building early enough to make sure you will be walking through the door about 5 minutes early.

Dress for Success

Most offices have a broad dress code, so when picking out what you’re going to wear on the first day, don’t be too casual. Choose something that shows your personality and style but is still professional.

Get Organized Early

Purchase a planner with a layout that best fits the needs and responsibilities of your role. Furthermore, set up the calendar on your computer and phone so you can get alerts for meetings, tasks, and reminders.

Get the Most Out of Training

In every training session, listen carefully to what your supervisors and fellow trainees are saying, take organized notes that you will be able to references later, and ask questions about anything that confuses you.

Be Adaptable

If you have had previous internships or summer jobs, you might be used to doing some things a certain way. However, adapting your skills to the customs of the office will ensure you fit in from the start.

Make Your Space Your Own

Whether you are working in a cubical or sharing a common workspace, personalizing your area will help you to feel more comfortable as well as give your coworkers a conversation starter so you can get to know them better.

Keep Your Schedule Open

Leave your lunch at home and keep your nights free for happy hours, because your time out of the office is the best to get to know your coworkers and form real friendships within your team.

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