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April 09, 2019

7 Ways You Can Improve How You Manage

Being in a management position means your company trusts you to lead a team and impart your knowledge onto the staff you oversee. With all the responsibilities that come with being a manager, spending time improving your managerial style can become your last priority. However, as rates of employees feeling disengages and unchallenged rise, working to improve how you manage is key to keeping your staff happy, productive, and successful.

1. Communicate Consciously

As a manager, it can be easy to get caught up trying to balance all the tasks your team is working on and not think about how what your saying is being perceived by your employees. Finding the right words and using a calm tone, especially during stressful situations, will show your team that you are a confident leader who is both serious and approachable.

2. Remember Your Staff is More Than a Staff

Getting to know who the members of your team are outside of the office will allow you to better manage them as an individual and within the group. Specifically, learning their hobbies, favorite things, and why they entered the field you work in could even allow you to find untapped areas of expertise for them to apply to the work they do.

3. Keep Your Eye on the Clock

They say time is money, so managing it well is very important. Make sure you are setting reasonable deadlines, not interrupting employees on break, and limiting the number of emails you send after the work day is done. If you respect how your team spends their time, they will be more inclined to focus all their attention on the task at hand and complete assignment before the deadline.

4. Give Meaningful Feedback on a Regular Basis

Although you might consistently tell your staff “good job” or “nice work”, they are probably looking for some more specific feedback. If you don’t already, set up meetings every three months with each member of your team to discuss in specific what they’re excelling at and what they should focus on improving.

5. Take Breaks, and Give Them Too

Being a manager requires staying up to date with each member of your team, as well as your own responsibilities, which can result in you becoming overwhelmed. When this feeling starts, take some time for yourself so you can refocus on the tasks that are causing you stress. Furthermore, when you see members of your staff feeling the same way, empower them to take a break as well.

6. Admit When You Make Mistakes

No one is perfect, not even a manager, so it is important to own up to your mistakes, especially to your employees. It might feel like odd to share your failures, but it will only humanize you as a boss and show your team that the expectation is not to be perfect but to continuously work to improve the work you do.

7. Encourage Honesty

You might not realize, but your staff members might be biting their tongue when their ideas differ from yours. In order to truly create the best product, it is important to not only promote honestly from your team but fairly compare their thoughts and opinions to yours and move forward with what is truly best.

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