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July 07, 2017

Three Things to Remember When Starting A New Job

We’ve all heard the expression “nervous excited” but it seems that it’s never more relevant than in reference to the feelings behind starting a new job. Below is a list of three things to remember when starting a new job, as suggested by a few of us here at Abacus Group.

1. “Be on time, if not early” Jason Fleischer

It seems like an obvious thing to say but you are still making first impressions with the team so don’t be too comfortable and roll in with seconds to spare. Get in a little bit early (although nothing too crazy) and you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to everyone and prove that you are ready and excited to start. “Remember that your interview may have been at 2:30 PM versus working daily at 9 AM so account for this in your morning commute,” says Jordan Thomas.

2. “Dress to impress” Gary Glassman

It’s always better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. You’re still understanding the culture in the office, including the dress code. There is nothing wrong with being a little overdressed in the beginning and as you become more comfortable with the environment, you adapt your wardrobe accordingly. But in the beginning, look sharp and act smart!

3. “Ask questions when unsure; don’t be shy” Alexza Eugene

You’re not expected to know everything when you are starting out at a new job. As much as you don’t want to seem like a nuisance or that you don’t know as much as you ought to, you should still feel comfortable asking questions. There will be elements of the office environment that you pick up but as they say “you won’t know until you ask”. Also do not be afraid to have people remind you of their names. It’s better to get accustomed to names and nicknames at the start to build a good rapport with everyone from the get-go.

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