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August 21, 2015

When Staying in the Same Job Becomes Harmful to Your Career

Clock-Too-LongMost agree that “job hopping”—working for many different employers in a short period of time—is alarming to hiring managers and recruiters. Rapid voluntarily resignations signify professional instability and disloyalty. Moreover, constant company changes leave little room to learn, make contributions and add value in each position. It turns out that remaining in the same job for too long presents a different time of career risk, though.

August 13, 2015

Video: Our Employee Experience

Abacus Group Executive Recruiters Michelle Carroll and Charles Amato discuss the unique characteristics of the workplace they call home.

August 06, 2015

LinkedIn Job Seeker Survey Says: “Be Career Opportunity” to Employers

A brand new complimentary report from professional network LinkedIn validates that “career opportunity” is the number one incentive for job change in North America. As the average time-to-fill positions becomes detrimentally long, employers must present their companies as conducive to career opportunity to efficiently attract talent.