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August 25, 2014

Making the Most of Big Four


Fall is nearly here – which means that tens of thousands of Accounting professionals are soon to begin entry-level roles in the Big Four Public Accounting firms. If you are one of the many new hires about to immerse yourself in Audit, Risk Assurance or Tax at PwC, EY, Deloitte or KPMG, you deserve a sincere congratulations! You’re soon to commence one of the most well-regarded, economically stable professions available in the marketplace: Public Accounting.

August 13, 2014

How Resilient is Your Career?

career-resilientAt just over four-and-a-half years, median employee tenure in the U.S. is longer now than it’s been in the recent past. Even so, the job you currently hold won’t be yours forever; so-called “permanent” jobs are, in reality, always temporary. As such, we strongly recommend that professionals remain prepared for a job change at all times by formulating a comprehensive Career Resilience Plan.

August 06, 2014

A Proactive Career Move Strategy: Targeting Specific Employers

The typical job search strategy is reactive and position-centric. Establish target criteria – including function, responsibilities, salary, industry, opportunity for career advancement and so on – to pursue suitable positions, while designating the employer as the secondary consideration. Many professionals neglect the polar opposite approach: one that’s company-focused.