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April 24, 2013

Acing an Internal Interview

Changing roles within one’s current organization can be a great option for professionals seeking career advancement with minimal personal, cultural or geographical disruption.  Employers are relying increasingly upon internal hires to circumvent the costs of external sourcing, a trend advantageous to professionals looking to make a move within a familiar environment. But interviewing for a new position with one’s current employer can be deceptively challenging.  Internal candidates commonly enter the process with tunnel vision, failing to acknowledge that others – either colleagues or external professionals – are also under consideration for the role.

April 17, 2013

The Key to the “Hidden” Job Market

According to Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group, a California-based human resources consulting firm, distinguishes between two job markets: “one that works, and one that doesn’t.” The hiring process is sharply segmented. One side is the concealed yet has the ability to produce the best results; the other is publicly accessible and therefore substantially less effective.

April 10, 2013

Administrative Professionals Week 2013

Administrative Professionals Week is just around the corner. Previously termed National Secretaries Week by the group now called the International Association of Administrative Professionals, this celebration was established in 1952 in recognition of office assistants for their business contributions and the positive reputation of the profession.

April 04, 2013

Abacus Group Launches New Website

Abacus Group is proud to announce the launch of its new website, which officially went live last week and retains the same address, The new site features enhanced graphics, simplified navigation and social media integration.  Abacus is confident that the updated design will facilitate a better user experience for both candidates and employers.

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