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March 27, 2013

Interview Body Language Through a Job Seeker’s Eyes

From a job seeker’s perspective, the most important aspect of interviewing is the employer’s confirmation of strong, impressive performance.  Unfortunately, candidates often do not receive any correspondence from employers following an interview, save for generic rejection emails, requests to return for another round or, if lucky, a formal job offer.  When an employer does contact the candidate, though, he or she may not do so for several days or weeks following the interview, depending on the complexity of the hire.  Naturally, this waiting period provokes anxiety and confusion for professionals.

March 20, 2013

The Advantages of Hiring with an Executive Recruiter

When it comes to hiring a new Accounting/Finance, Financial Services, Information Technology or Administrative Support employee, a business cannot afford to overlook the benefits of working with an executive recruiter.  The total cost of online job postings, applicant tracking systems, phone screens, reference checks, skills testing and HR staff wages, among other expenses, can be as high as $18,795 for a new hire whose sustainability is not certain.

March 13, 2013

Hungry for a Career Change?

Work With Us

Are you an Accounting professional hungry for a career change? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy working with people and believe that compensation should proportionally reward your time and effort? Are you looking to leave corporate bureaucracy behind in favor of a fun and fair environment with virtually nonexistent turnover and great culture? Then you might want to check out our lunch menu.

March 12, 2013

Making your Case for a Raise in Spite of the Economy

Asking for a raise is fairly intimidating for most professionals.  The conversation is especially daunting given that the average salary increase expected to be less than three percent this fiscal year, a figure that remains unchanged from 2012 and only marginally higher than that in 2011. Given these statistics, you might be wondering: Why should I bother asking for a raise when my employer can barely afford to give me one?

March 05, 2013

Advance Your Recruiting Career with Abacus Group’s IT Division

Abacus Group is looking to hire an experienced Information Technology recruiter for an internal position: Director of IT Recruitment.  An ideal opportunity for a dynamic IT recruiting and sales professional, this role offers autonomy in a friendly, non-bureaucratic environment.  Favoring employee support over micromanagement,  Abacus Group welcomes your drive, enthusiasm and assertive personality to succeed as the leader of the IT division.