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February 29, 2012

How to Enhance Your Relationships with Executive Recruiters

​An article by Bill Barnett in the Harvard Business Review discusses several valuable strategies for senior-level professionals in dealing with recruiters. Barnett’s overarching point is that, while professionals should avoid the fatal mistake of constantly looking for new employment, they can benefit tremendously from establishing steady relationships with executive search consultants – if they know how to do so effectively.

February 23, 2012

Job Description Perfection: Get a Head Start on the Hiring Process

job-descriptionAn informative Recruiting Blogs article by Bill Humbert calls attention to a common problem within the hiring process: poorly written job descriptions. A job description often serves as an introduction of an organization to a candidate and should therefore comprehensively and truthfully define the responsibilities of the given position. HR and hiring managers must accurately represent their jobs in order to attract the right candidates.

February 16, 2012

The Question of Cultural Compatibility

In a previous Abacus Group blog post, we discussed candidate selection strategies for employers, including some brief guidelines regarding the assessment of cultural fit. However, more in-depth information is necessary for hiring managers to adequately understand and properly apply the notion of cultural fit to the hiring process. Cultural fit specifically refers to how well the candidate’s personality, attitudes, values and beliefs align with the non-business aspects of the organization, ​and is just as vital as other traits such as experience, education and technical skills.

February 09, 2012

Dissecting the Interview Process: Guidance for Both Candidates and Employers

dissecting-the-interviewInterviewing is arguably the most difficult part of the employment process. From the candidate’s point of view, the idea of speaking directly to a potential employer can be stressful, while, for hiring managers, the interview is more of a subjective process – which may produce a struggle to distinguish the interviewee from multiple, equally talented candidates. The concerns of both candidates and employers can be alleviated significantly with the appropriate preparation.

February 02, 2012

The Golden Rule for Resigning

exit-resignationThere are many valid reasons for wanting to quit your job: lack of growth, a long commute, the feeling of being undervalued, uninteresting work, a bad relationship with one’s supervisor. The mistake that many professionals make, however, is failing to obtain another job prior to resigning. Quitting your current job without the security of a new one will likely pose serious consequences to your professional, financial and personal well-being.